How does it work? What is the difference with a psy?

A session out of the water lasts 60 minutes and a session Under water last half a day.

Our exchange is strictly confidential. 

I am neither doctor, nor psychologist; I am a life coach. My method can be combined in parallel with medical or psychological treatment. 

In a simplified way, the difference between a coach and a psychologist is what we explore. Moreover, the relation is not on the same level, we speak about customers in coaching and about patients in psychology.


The psychologist rather tends to visit the past and to understand the causes of the problem which leads you to consult. At the end of a consultation, it is possible to feel less good as some emotions related to the past can be very strong and difficult.


The coach makes you explore your present and the wished future, he supports you in steps between. The coach teaches you how to think solutions! Your solutions! He does not deny your past but he will help you to see it from a learned lessons and positive experience side. Past cannot be changed it can be seen differently.

He makes you consider your needs, your desires and your resources. The coach uses a method of questioning to help you to break some convictions and certainty that stop you from what you want. You become aware of some behaviors and their roles as well as the way to change it. 

At the end of a session, you feel better with new perspective of evolution.

I bring you a puff of oxygen!!!


As customers want to maximize their time, I mostly offer session via skype or phone.  I also meet people at my place. 


The first session is for free. You set the agenda after that. 

I make a follow-up by e-mail after each session. There is the possibility to be part of a personalized “Bubble-Maker” program on the surface and under water. The idea is to experience “bubble-maker” attitude during diving and apply it in your daily life. 

For any further information or questions, please contact me!